Mezipatra Queer Film Festival


19. ročník filmového festivalu s queer tematikou Mezipatra proběhne 8.-15. listopadu v Praze a 16.-23. listopadu v Brně.


Space for Women


Have you ever thought of working in the space area? Are you wondering about the secrets of the night sky but not sure how to approach it? Join us for an informal breakfast with the women who have found their way to the stars and let them inspire you by their stories from the field of science, psychology or law. This is Space for Women!


Panelová diskuse "Gender pod palbou"

15.11.2018  Praha  | 

Jak vypadá aktuální česká diskuse o genderových tématech? Máme se bát "genderové ideologie"? Jak v České republice zarezonovala kampaň #MeToo? Proč je tak vyhrocená diskuse o tzv. Istanbulské úmluvě? I o těchto otázkách budeme diskutovat v rámci panelové diskuse.


Staňte se respondenty/respondentkami ve výzkumu zaměřeném na ochranu osobních údajů

31. červenec 2012
Máte zkušenosti s Úřadem pro ochranu osobních údajů? Domáhali jste se u soudu svých práv na ochranu osobnosti, pokud jde o ochranu osobních údajů? Podali jste trestní oznámení kvůli zásahu do vašeho práva na soukromí? Co vás odradilo některou z těchto možností využít? Sdělte nám své zkušenosti ve výzkumu. Více

Sadly, ageism remains rife in British society

24. červenec 2012
Gender Studies, o.p.s. and the British organization Wise Owls have worked together for some time now on the international project named P.E.O.P.L.E. The project in question is devoted to the problematic of age-based discrimination. I talked to Andrew Robertson, one of the “Wise Owls“, about why it is profitable for a company to employ and retain aged employees and how successful the UK is at fighting ageism. Více

How to survive 'in a sandwich' - supporting people of the 'Sandwich Generation'

24. červenec 2012
Until recently, media had paid little attention to the struggle of people of the so-called 'Sandwich Generation'. Let me clarify that the term "Sandwich Generation" refers to a life situation rather than the picnic trash can or activities in the kitchen. It means that demographic developments have put an increasing number of middle-age people in a situation where their family members – dependent children or elderly parents – need their care. Research indicates that it is usually women who assume this responsibility. A fifty-five year old woman looking after her children as well as after her or her husband's parents is a typical example. Více

Women Matter...Even in Czech Business

24. červenec 2012
You might have noticed that our newsletter has been mentioning a study by McKinsey&Co. titled "Women Matter". We have been referring to it because it shows the correlation between the number of women in management and the financial success of the company in the marketplace. And if you have ever had any doubts about the universal validity of the link between these two factors on the grounds that the quoted data had used data from other countries, this news is for you: For the first time, McKinsey has now carried out a survey of Czech companies. Více
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