Feministický a queer tábor 2018 / Feminist and Queer Camp 2018


Zveme vás na setkání queer lidí a těch, kdo sympatizují s queer tématikou. Na setkání všech, kdo žerou feminismus, i těch, kdo se nebojí stát u táboráku s feministkama a žvejkat s nima veganský buřty. Kdo se nebojí pohybu, přemýšlení o svém těle, o svých hranicích a hranicích jiných, kdo dokáže respektovat jiné lidi… PŘIJĎTE! Těšit se můžete na víkend plný workshopů, diskuzí, cvičení, kreativity (či alespoň pokusů o ní), koncertů a párty s pivem, limem, koktejlem, sbírání bobříků, táborový karneval a bojovku.


A family carer's role affects women's work ability and career prospects more negatively than men's

24. červenec 2012
Scandinavian countries are often described as a role model of social states, of societies that actively support gender equality, etc. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that in Scandinavia, already in the present day, topics related to demographic ageing, such as the new phenomenon of the sandwich generation, are discussed more intensely and analytically than elsewhere. I interviewed Professor Kaisa Kauppinen from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health on the sandwich generation and its gender implications. Více

Be among the first ‘Friends’ of the European Women’s Lobby and support women’s rights all over Europe!

24. červenec 2012
Do you believe that women’s rights are human rights and that it is high time equality between women and men was made a reality? You can do your part! By becoming a Friend of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL), you invest in a brighter future of each and every girl and woman in Europe. Every day, the EWL is campaigning for a gender equal Europe. The regular financial support of the Friends of the EWL can ensure the existence of an independent voice for women’s rights in Europe. Více

In-Dependent Women Cartoonists: The Reality of Original Cartoon Making By Women Artists

24. červenec 2012
In many respects, it is as difficult for women cartoonists to establish themselves in the field of independent animated film today as it was for women to become writers at the beginning of the 20th century. As Virginia Woolf depicted it in her famous essay "A Room of One's Own", certain criteria had to be met for a woman to be able to write. Women cartoonists nowadays also need money and a room of their own or, more precisely, "some money" and an animation desk. Money and the desk represent the first step to making a cartoon, even a very short one. Více

3rd edition of the “Active Ageing Awards”

24. červenec 2012
On 6th September 2010, the European Commission designated 2012 as the “European year for active ageing and intergenerational solidarity”. On that occasion, the Val d’Oise Territorial Unit of the DIRECCTE (Regional Directorate for Companies, Competition, Consumption, Work and Employment), which is piloting and leading a multiannual program running from 2007 to 2013, and designed to promote the employment of seniors – decided to give a new dimension to the “Active Ageing Awards”. Více
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