Pražská škola alternativ

3. únor 2012
V pondělí 6. února zahajuje Ekumenická akademie Praha již třetí cyklus Pražské školy alternativ, která nabízí pravidelné přednášky, semináře a workshopy k aktuálním politickým, kulturním, ekologickým a ekonomickým tématům. Na projektu spolupracují také Masarykova demokratická akademie, Socialistický kruh, Alternativa zdola, Centrum globálních studií, Eurosolar, ProAlt a Socialistická solidarita. Více

On Feminist Pedagogy with Gaby Weiner

2. únor 2012
A lot is being said nowadays about the fact that if we wanted a more gender equal society, we have to start bringing up children from a very early age in a gender sensitive way. We all know that in Czech kindergartens, schools and families this has not really started to take place in any significant degree. Until recently, I did not know that there existed a stream and a tool which could accompany and help us on our way to achieving the above goal. It is called feminist pedagogy. A gender expert and academic, Gaby Weiner, shared with us feminist pedagogy’s main thoughts and aims. And since Weiner works in Great Britain, she also informed us about the gender situation in the British education system. Více

"By helping others we also help ourselves": interview with Jana Hradilková of the Berkat NGO

2. únor 2012
I was looking forward to interviewing Jana Hradilková because I was finally going to get to know one of the co-founders of Gender Studies, a NGO I have been working for in the last seven years. The other reason I could not wait was that I had always been impressed with the activities of the Berkat NGO. In the interview, Jana told me about how the organization started, what 'Berkat' means and explained how helping people has a positive effect on everyone. Her honesty, openness and unique energy were wonderfully refreshing. Více

Work-Life Balance Options in the Czech Republic in the View of Statistics

2. únor 2012
At a press conference on June 2nd, 2011, the Czech Statistical Office and the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic co-presented the results of a study titled Work-Life Balance in the Czech Republic. The study includes both "hard facts", derived from statistics of the years 2002 through 2010, and qualitative data from interviews with women on parental leave conducted by Lenka Formánková of the Institute of Sociology. Více
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