Mezipatra Queer Film Festival


19. ročník filmového festivalu s queer tematikou Mezipatra proběhne 8.-15. listopadu v Praze a 16.-23. listopadu v Brně.


Women in the Newsroom: Breaking Male Decision-Making Power


In a recent study by the European Journalism Observatory (EJO), it was revealed that, across all of the 11 countries studied, "men wrote 41% of the stories, compared to just 23% written by women, while almost half of all the pictures (43%) that were published were just of men, compared to just 15% featuring only women." The gender imbalance becomes even more prominent when one begins to look at positions of authority. How does this problem impact content, and the overall synergy of/in the newsroom? How might this disproportion be remedied? Can the technological revolution in the media help or hinder the role of women?


Expert Round Table: Academic Freedom, Gender and Democracy

16.11.2018  Praha  | 

The aim of the upcoming event is to contribute to this conversation and to discuss the place and role of gender studies in education and research as well as the importance of an academic freedom for functioning of democratic societies. Registration:


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PF 2014

6. leden 2014  |  Gender Studies, o.p.s.
PF 2014
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