Domácí násilí - veřejné setkání a diskuse

10.12.2018  Středočeský kraj  | 

Otevřená společnost o. p. s., Fórum 50%, o. p. s. , MĚSTO BUŠTĚHRAD a Rodinné centrum Buštěhradský Pelíšek VÁS ZVOU NA VEŘEJNÉ SETKÁNÍ A DISKUSI NA TÉMA: DOMÁCÍ NÁSILÍ


Feministická avantgarda

12.12.2018  Jihomoravský kraj  | 

Skupinová mezinárodní výstava Feministická avantgarda představí mimořádná díla umělkyň, tvořících v sedmdesátých až devadesátých letech minulého století na feministické téma. Práce na emancipační témata ze soukromé rakouské sbírky SAMMLUNG VERBUND pocházejí od světově významných umělkyň.


All I Want for Christmas Is the Fall of Patriarchy


"All I Want for Christmas Is the Fall of Patriarchy" is a 1-day exhibition organized and curated by Anna Wim and Natalie Kollega, aiming to give platform and visibility to diverse femme and non-binary artists working with themes of feminism, queerness, social justice, and more.

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Embodiment and corporeality in social and gender theory I

1. říjen 2003  | Dr. Dagmar Lorenz-Meyer
Faculty of Humanities, Charles University. New Course Announcement for the Winter Semester 2003-4. Embodiment and corporeality in social and gender theory I. Wednesdays, 16:45-18:15, room 5023.
Taught by Dr. Dagmar Lorenz-Meyer.
New Course Announcement for the Winter Semester 2003-4
Embodiment and corporeality in social and gender theory I
Wednesdays, 16:45-18:15, room 5023

Taught by Dr. Dagmar Lorenz-Meyer

Course description
The sexed and gendered body has long been a central and controversial focus of feminist theoretical, epistemological and political practice. This course will introduce students to a range of theoretical perspectives in the humanities and social sciences (social history, psychoanalysis, phenomenology, anthropology, structuration theory, disability studies) for theorizing the body. It will also focus on current cultural, social and political contexts such as the debate on cosmetic surgery, piercing and body art and transgenderism, in which implications of particular theoretical approaches may be traced, and their ethical and political value assessed and modified. Emphasis will be given to approaches that conceive bodies as both material and discursive entities and to investigating postmodern claims of more fluid forms of embodiment, corporeal investments and meanings.

Course contents
1. Historical representations of body anatomies;
2. Studies on hysteria;
3. The lived body;
4. Researching emotions;
5. Theories of performativity;
6. Cosmetic surgery and body art;
7. Bio-power and the body politic
A detailed list of course subjects and readings will be distributed at the first meeting.

Course requirements
Active and consistent participation; one short oral presentation (jointly or individually), one final research paper (5-6 pages). Please note that the course starts Wednesday, 1 October 2003. Credits will not be given with three or more absences. (2003)  |  redesign 2013  |  realizace a webhosting Econnect  |  design Michal Šiml  |  Za finanční podpory Slovak-Czech Women‘s Fund.