Czech Women and Higher Education

27. zaří 1999
Some Western feminists, especially those who invested their efforts in attempting to assist Czech women, went away with largely unfulfilled expectations. The differences between the histories, cultures, social norms, expectations and daily realities in the lives of Western European and American women on one hand and Czech women on the other have served to clarify the misunderstanding.

Odpovědi na otázky o sexuální orientaci a homosexualitě

17. srpen 1999
Co zapříčiňuje u jedince určitou sexuální orientaci?Mohou být gayové a lesbičky dobrými rodiči?Americká psychologická asociace zodpovídá otázky dotýkající se homesexuální orientace. Více

Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity

7. srpen 1999
A study of homosexuality in animals challenges our notion of gayness. Evolutionary biologists
have always had a problem with homosexuality. If it has any genetic basis, and if homosexuals tend to have fewer children than heterosexuals.

Prague Gender Studies Centre

18. květen 1999
Short description of the Gender Studies Centre in Prague and it`s history. Více
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